What our Customers Say...

Why choose EarthFirst Products?

The application process was quite easy; 6oz of EF-001 Restaurant Grease & Odor Control was poured into the each floor drain, followed by one gallon of hot water once per week. The results were immediately apparent, the odors from my floor drains were gone and my sewer system ran smoothly.

Alan Godlove, Owner/Operator McDonald's | Sacramento, CA

Enhancing Customer Experiences
Providing a safe, clean and healthy customer experience is critical for businesses to compete in today's competitive marketplace. Earth First solutions offer a safer, sustainable and lasting first impression that your customers will notice...Earth First Makes it Easy.
Cost Efficient & Easy to Implement
Regardless of the industry, businesses are seeking ways to reduce overhead and expenses related to their chemical purchases. Earth First products require no special handling or equipment to implement. Our solutions are easy to apply and offer our customers a highly effective cost efficient alternative to current commodity chemicals.
Powerful Eco-Friendly Solutions
A challenge for Industrial, Retail and Consumer businesses is to choose environmentally friendly chemical solutions which are safe for their employees to handle and use, while retaining their effective cleaning power. Earth First'stod cutting edge organic chemistry provides our customers with superior cleaning power and effectiveness while being friendly to the environment...Earth First Makes it Easy.